Name: Eric Feigner
Alias: EFF
Primary: Software development / Technical direction
Secondary: Design, writing
Tertiary: Dirtbikes, music, skiing, running
Special move: Infinite toothpicks
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I spend most of my life combining software, logic and design to solve problems. Creativity with a scientific approach, in relentless search of simplicity, efficiency, elegance.

My goals? To find a big box of money and buy a hovercraft. Failing that, I like to spend my time combining technology and design, crafting beautiful, functional things that make people smile.

Name: Consultation / Freelance
Position: Sole Proprietor
Duration: 2018-PRESENT
Detail: Let's build some cool stuff, solve some tough problems and have a great time doing so.                                             

Name: Stumptown Coffee
Position: Technical Director / Director of Ecommerce
Duration: 2015-2018
Tech: Python, Ruby, JavaScript, AWS, NetSuite, Contentful, Chargify, Square
Detail: Used technology, data and process to automate away much of the manual labor / complexity of a multimillion dollar online business. Provided top-tier UX for customers while simultaneously building heavy-duty, fault-tolerant integrations with third-party systems and a gnarly ERP.

Helped bootstrap and manage a non-trivial coffee subscription service. Managed production / staging / development systems. Grew revenue 30% in one year. 100% system uptime for my entire duration.
tl;dr: Built and operated a finely-tuned coffee-selling machine. Automated everything. Big things with miniscule budget.

Name: Instrument
Position: Technical Director
Duration: 2011-2015
Tech: Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Clojure, Linux, AWS
Detail: Working for a fantastic agency, my duties consisted of writing mountains of code and leading a team of developers across multiple in-flight projects. From idea to execution, I lent a hand in crafting a sizable amount of high-quality work using fun technologies, with great people.

Implemented a culture of best practices including unit / integration / performance testing, continuous deployment and multi-contributor git workflows, all while building big, beautiful, robust, high-availability interactive experiences.
tl;dr: Built complicated yet maintainable software. Flexed soft skills and right brain. Teamwork is everything.

Name: Nike
Position: Senior Application Engineer
Duration: 2007-2011
Tech: Java, Spring, Jetty, Tomcat, Apache, JMeter, ATG, Endeca, Solaris, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Detail: Working for the e-commerce group, my duties included extensive frontend / backend development using a variety of technologies with multiple, remote agencies / offshore teams.

Lead developer on a scalable internal framework to serve NikeStore and many other consumer-facing websites. Shaved 150ms off HTTP response times. Lead developer on NikeStore mobile. Primary developer for NikeStore search engine / product API.

Additional duties included project setup, planning, documentation, support, resource management, budgeting, product demos, quality assessment, performance testing, profiling and monitoring / alerting.
tl;dr: Built some neat stuff, solved a bunch of hard problems at scale, all while handling crushing volumes of global commerce.

Name: Nike
Position: Support Engineer
Duration: 2006-2007
Tech: Java, JSP, Oracle, PHP, VBasic (no joke!)
Detail: Acted as first-line support engineer for Duties included development, debugging, scripting, database management, configuring and troubleshooting production systems, issue assessment / research, code reviews, version control management, pager duty.
tl;dr: Fixed a million horribly broken things, day in, day out. Learned on my feet. Honed troubleshooting skills to a sharp point.

Name: The Daily Barometer
Position: Section editor, copywriter
Duration: 2003-2006
Detail: Worked under extremely tight deadlines (daily) reviewing, reporting, critiqing and designing for a National award-winning college newspaper. Duties included managing a team of six writers, designing page layouts, cover art, interviewing and writing copy.
tl;dr: Gained deep appreciation for a dying trade and effective, concise copywriting. Stress city.

What's with the design?

Largely (totally) inspired by ANSI art.

What is ANSI art?

It's an old, short-lived computer art form widely used on BBSes back in the day. 80 columns wide, 16 colors and 256 characters. It's a chunky and limited format, but sometimes constraint breeds creativity.

... why?

I first encountered ANSI art on my local BBS back in the early 90s and it melted my young, inpressionable brain.

Thanks to escapes.js and BOOTSTRA.386, we can now render ANSI art in the browser and sort of make it look like an old DOS term, so that's exactly what I did ❤